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About Pilates...

Joseph Pilates aspired to improve his clients physical, mental and emotional well being through a method he called Crontology.  This method is now known as Pilates and works on the fundamentals of Alignment, Breathing and Centring.

Body Control Pilates encapsulates these fundamentals in it's eight principles of teaching which are:

Concentration ~ Relaxation ~ Alignment ~ Breathing ~ Centring (Core Stability) ~ Co-ordination (Control) ~ Flowing Movement ~ Stamina

These principles need to be considered and maintained throughout any Pilates exercise.

Group Mat Work Classes

Each session works through a preparation phase, a main phase and a closing phase.  This enables clients to be fully prepared for the exercises ahead, to anticipate the level of work and to achieve performance potential.

The benefit of a course is being able to work through and understand exercises, gradually build on learned movement patterns and modify or adapt exercises to suit individual needs.

The use of small equipment in classes offers support, fun and sometimes challenge to the exercises being performed.

The class environment aims to be encouraging, engaging and welcoming.  Small class sizes allows for optimum focus and attention to be on the client no matter what skill level.

One to One

If you are looking for a more bespoke session, then this is for you.

Tailor made to suit your requirements, this can be a very beneficial way of progressing both skill and fitness levels.

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