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50+ Gentle Exercise

* All equipment provided*

Specifically designed for older adults, this 'drop-in' class is open to anyone who has completed and passed a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)

I try to promote physical, mental and emotional well being in the exercise sessions and for any, or all, of these reasons, clients can expect to see improvements in their health after participating in the classes.

The class format runs as follows:

Warm-up - Mobilisation of the joints working all major muscle groups with a pulse raiser to prepare for the exercise ahead.

Stretch - To gain the correct muscle length for the main work out.

Main component - This is where our cardiovascular training, strength and endurance conditioning and flexibility exercises takes place.

Cool down & motor skills - We return the body to it's pre-exercise state and focus on some co-ordination and balance exercises.

Stretch - And breathe!

The class environment is relaxed and whilst there is certainly an element of fun to the sessions, I ensure there is enough exercise to feel the physical benefits of it.

Class content and focus changes each week to help keep you engaged in the session and to prevent the body from becoming too familiar and comfortable with the exercises.

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